Spay & Neuter Services in Indian Trail

Finding Spay & Neuter Services in Indian Trail

If you grew up with those ASPCA commercials, you know exactly how heart wrenching it is to see pets mistreated or go without a loving home. The reality is that pet owners who don’t take advantage of spay and neuter services in Indian Trail unfortunately contribute to animal overpopulation. Finding a quality veterinarian to get your pet altered is often one of the first steps new pet owners take, and it’s one of the best moves for your pet and your community in the long run. With over capacity animal shelters and an overwhelmed animal control service, it could be the difference between life or death for animals down the road.



Think Big Picture

Did you know that there are some states in the US that are now net ‘importers’ of unwanted pets? States like Oregon have controlled their pet overpopulation issues well enough that they’re able to take in unwanted animals from other states around them, helping them find their forever homes. This is proof that it’s an achievable goal for communities that are willing to invest in spay and neuter services here in Indian Trail. Imagine a world where we didn’t have to have kill shelters, or entire nonprofits dedicated to finding homes for sweet pets.


Spay & Neuter for Health

There are even some positive health benefits associated with getting your pet altered. As with humans, animals are prone to getting cancer of their reproductive organs. When you take your pet in to get spayed or neutered in Indian Trail, you’re removing that risk of cancer. There are some behavioral benefits that may come along with the procedure as well. Male dogs and cats are less likely to want to roam or escape, and females no longer go into heat. Overall, altering a pet can be great for both the animal and the owner.

If you have any questions about finding spay & neuter services near Indian Trail, please feel free to reach out to us at Chestnut Arbor Veterinary Hospital at any time.


Spay & Neuter Services in Indian Trail

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