Puppy socialization classes in Mint Hill

Puppy Socialization Classes in Mint Hill

Why should you be looking into puppy socialization classes in Mint Hill? We’re going to take a (fairly logical) leap here and assume that you’re the brand new owner of a brand new little life on Earth in the form of a rambunctious little pup. While it can be difficult to not spend your day saying things like “look at their tiny little nose!” and “oh my, their ears!” there are a few important steps you need to take to ensure many years of cooing over their sweet faces.

Does my puppy really need to be socialized?

There’s been quite a bit of research into what the benefits are with these classes. The effects are pretty cool, too! Some veterinary scientists from the UK showed that having puppies get used to meeting other dogs led to less dog-aggression later in life. They even compared those pups to ones who had informal training done by their owners, and the dogs who had formal classes were still better behaved.

Puppy playing with a little girl
Socialize your puppy with children and different people as well

Can you list signs of a stressed out pet?

This isn’t meant to be a trick question, but people are often surprised when they see charts of dog behaviors that indicate fear or anxiety. A big part of finding the right puppy socialization class in Mint Hill is getting into one that teaches you as much as it teaches your dog. So much of our pet’s behavior is tied into how we respond to situations. One of the useful tools some classes offer is an Adaptil spray or collar to help with stress. There’s even research on how it reduces fear in puppies during their class, resulting in better socialization.

Is it safe to be around other younger dogs?

This is a great question! The last thing you want for your new puppy is to come home with a bad case of kennel cough or something much worse. If your class is being taught by a veterinarian, you can rest assured that they’ve taken the appropriate steps to keep your pet safe.

If you have any questions about puppy socialization classes in Mint Hill, feel free to reach out to our Fear Free Certified team at Chestnut Harbor Veterinary Hospital.

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Puppy socialization classes in Mint Hill

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