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What to Expect

Research has shown that when pets experience emotional stress it negatively impacts their physical health (much like their human counterparts). We have made a commitment at Chestnut Arbor Veterinary Hospital to decrease your pet's fear, anxiety and stress by becoming certified in the Fear Free Initiative. This initiative, started by Dr Marty Becker, uses tools, methods and practices to create a calm and low-stress veterinary visit. We took all these into account when we designed our hospital and you will notice subtle differences upon entering our doors, however we promise that your pet will take notice! Both Dr Merlo and Rebecca have completed several hours of continuing education in Fear Free to become certified and we are committed to continuing to practice in a Fear Free manner.

  • Our exam rooms were designed with your pet in mind - we offer comfortable bedding and yoga mats for your pets to be examined on. Dr Merlo prefers to do her exams on the floor so your pet does not need to be worried about standing on a cold exam table
  • Classical music is playing in our exam rooms to help relax you and your pet
  • Our patients are offered tasty treats and toys during their exam and procedures to create a positive experience surrounding veterinary care.
  • We take into consideration that our patients are more comfortable when they are in the presence of their owners, therefore our examinations and most procedures will be done in the exam room with you. We encourage owners to take part in the process by providing treats and toys to help provide positive reinforcement during these procedures
  • If at anytime your pet seems stressed, we will stop our exam, regroup and determine the best course of action to take - this may mean chemical sedation to help ease anxiety or it may involve rescheduling the remainder of the procedures to another day and sending home some medications for your pet to take prior to their next exam

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